Never Discuss These Things With Your Girlfriend


Never say that your girlfriend is not a priority, it speaks a lot about you. (Image: Shutterstock)

While everyone must be able to voice their opinions in a relationship, every once in a while it should be checked if the ‘certain’ line is being crossed or not

Have you ever wondered why your smooth-sailing relationship suddenly took a downturn? Think back, maybe your words were responsible for it. We often don’t realise but unknowingly, we speak things which create a lot of misunderstanding in the relationship. Here are some tips which you must follow to avoid conflicts with your partner.

The Ex- Talking about your ex-girlfriend all the time is a big NO for your relationship to survive
The mere fact that you are in a relationship with your girlfriend but still talking about your past girlfriend states that you are not over her. This creates disbelief in the mind of your partner. It also leads to the possibility of you cheating on her. Spend some quality time with your girlfriend. Talk about her goals, watch movies together, and plan dates or trips. Make her believe that it’s her presence that matters to you in this relationship.Don’t Body Shame Strictly
Avoid body shaming your partner. We all are very obsessed with the way we look but commenting on your partner’s weight is a big no. They understand their body more than what we know and validating their insecurities is not a healthy thing to do in a relationship. Rather be a cheerleader for your girlfriend and not a critique.Holding Hands
Don’t ask her to stop holding hands in public. It indicates that you are not ready to accept your relationship in front of everyone. This creates a lot of doubts in the mind of your better half. If you love her, then embrace her by giving her due respect. Don’t hesitate to display affection for her because of society.Prioritise her
Never say that your girlfriend is not a priority, it speaks a lot about you. It gives the idea that you are just being in a casual relationship with your girlfriend. To show that you are serious about her, you can plan some surprise dates.Ranting
Don’t brush her problems as ranting. This could leave a very bad imprint of you within her mind. Be an active listener and don’t always try to give solutions. Sometimes all they need is an ear that can listen to their problems.

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